Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Success is not a destination, but a lifetime journey...

Big decisions seem to be a regular occurrence for me in 2015, not that it's a bad thing in the slightest. Without decisions there wouldn't be change, without change there is no way to improve and not being able to improve means you stay in the same place. No one likes staying in the same place all of the time, do they?

With this in mind, the dust covers are being pulled over Marie-Louise Hall Photography and we're having a big makeover; out the other side there will be a shiny new name, bold new brand and a set of new prices. Along side this, I will hopefully have signed the contract on a wonderful workspace where studio sessions will take place.

I want to save as much of the excitement as I can for my 'relaunch' post, so shan't be disclosing too much information in this entry. However, as prices will be altering i'm allowing any bookings made (and deposits paid) in March for a newborn, child portrait or cake smash session before the end of June 2015 to stay at their current prices.

A current newborn session last 2-4 hours and costs £75 including one 8x6" print only.
A current child portrait session lasts 1 hour and costs £50 including one 8x6" print only.
A current cake smash session last 2 hours and costs £65 including one 8x6" print only, additional £10 for a cake.

Deposits are currently £20 and must be paid in order to secure your session. Should you book a session with the above prices the deposit must be paid for in March with the session carried out before the end of June 2015. Sessions not carried out within this time frame will lose their deposit and must pay the new prices should you wish to rebook an appointment. Session dates will be penciled in my diary until the studio confirmation has come through. Once this has happened you will receive a 'what to expect' welcome pack.

New prices will be starting from £100 for a session fee, full details will be announced once the studio contract has been finalised. The product price list will also be getting a lick of paint too!

I can't wait to share my exciting new journey with you all!

Lots of love,

Marie-Louise x