Monday, 16 March 2015

A big decision has come my way...

Hello lovely people of the interweb!

It has been such a long while since I last updated my blog, where has the time gone!? I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year (how am I giving seasonal greetings in March!?!), it's been none stop for me!

Usually January and February are classed as the slow seasons, yet I've had hardly any time for myself. I've photographed beautiful babies, teeny toddlers and wonderful weddings, all whilst looking at getting a new studio space for my blossoming business; however more news will follow on this over the next month or so. 

I have been toying with this next tricky decision for quite some time and finally ready to put it out there. It is with regret that I will no longer be accepting any more bookings for Weddings. As much as I do love them, getting to know lots of lovely people, being welcomed by all in to new families and helping preserve magical moments and memories for future generations; I simply cannot juggle the workload of a wedding with the potential of running a studio and my personal life.

Any Weddings that are booked in for 2015 and 2016 will still stand, those who have yet to officially book, but are awaiting a wedding consultation with myself will still stand too; I just won't be taking any fresh bookings. I'm so excited to be photographing the remaining weddings and finishing my time as a wedding photographer with such beautiful a selection of unique venues and themes.

I hope that you will all be understanding with my choice of change; if you are looking for a Wedding Photographer I can point you in the direction of some lovely people.

Lots of love, 

Marie-Louise x

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