Thursday, 9 January 2014

#picture 52 - why don't you join in...

This post isn't photography related but it is creative! 
I'd hope that you would/could maybe join me too!

Myself along with a few other lovely ladies are taking part in #picture52, a year long journey of creativity.

We are expanding on a project originally set up on instagram, #crochetmoodblanket2014 by mummy_stacey. This was to see a crocheted square, created daily (or weekly), in colours reflecting upon the creators mood, resulting in one big blanket!

I for one, will say that I am useless when it comes to knitting/crocheting so knew from the start it would be a no go zone! However Jo, over at Grace and Flo, suggested doing a picture a week (#picture52) in a creative field that you can reflect back on once it has finished. Ideally you'd be able to hang all pictures together to create a 52 piece artwork.

I pondered the idea for a while and decided not to join. What would I have or do, that is interesting enough to photograph on a weekly basis, FOR FIFTY-TWO WEEKS? I can't guarantee that I can share photographs from my clients sessions, so that would be a no go.

Then came to me the idea that I could go out of my comfort zone. I've always been interested in the artistic field. As a child i'd constantly be doodling, creating origami pieces or picking flowers and arranging them in interesting ways.

I've always looked in awe at children's story and picture books and wished, even longed to be able to create some of the beautiful illustrations. So I thought, 'okay, i'll give it ago'.

photographs have all been taken on my phone for this post.

A while ago, maybe even in 2012 I purchased a lovely little imitation leather bound 'writing book'. It doesn't have any lines and is filled with beautifully thick cream paper. Perfect for capturing my journey. Instead of creating a wall of art (ha, if I can call it that!), I will create a book!

I had no idea where to start, so google searched for my favourite creature in illustration form. I'd start off simple, trying to recreate what was already in front of me. I found the beautifully crafted work of Alexandra Ball, a Falmouth University Grad represented by Illustration.

I got out my water soluble pencils, and begin recreating her piece, in much less detail might I add.

I hope that over time my work will progress and get better. Alongside my #picture52 journal, I shall be practising hard, learning different techniques and using different materials. I'm hoping that I can eventually turn the pieces in to digital art, using Adobe Illustrator, although that might have to be a project for 2015!

#weekone of #picture52
The quality of the photographs for my pieces aren't too good! I wanted to share with you my work and the easiest way is by my phone. For my final post I shall compile all of the images together and hopefully professionally photograph them all or scan them.

If you would like to join in, tag your photographs with #picture52 and let me know. As i'd love to keep up to date with your work! There is also a group on facebook that you can join in, so we can share our work in one place.

If you'd like to follow the work of my creative buddies on Instagram, here they are:

I may have missed some people off of my list, if I have just shout and I shall add you!

Until next week!

Marie-Louise x