Friday, 3 January 2014

New Prices for 2014...

Here it is! If you have any questions at all just ask away! 

I have two types of 'sitting fees' Little People and Bigger People
The first being for children and the latter for adults and families.
Keep on reading to find out the prices, they will also be listed on my website.

Lets start off with the Little People - Sitting Fees. 

Firstly we have Newborn sessions. 
As you may already know, Newborns take a lot of time, patience and skill to photograph. 
We don't want to cause them any pain or make them uncomfortable.
I have recently become an approved member of the 

The sitting fee for the Newborn Session is £70 
and covers you for up to three hours of photography
unlimited props/sets during your session and a digi collage of any purchased prints. 
It does not include any products. 


Secondly we have the Childs Portrait Session
This is specifically aimed for Children over one month old up until they are in their teens (15).
Working with children is always fun, each shoot is different to the last! 
Like newborns they also need a lot of care and attention but for different reasons as i'm sure you'll know!

The sitting fee for the Childs Portrait Session is £55
and covers you for up to two hours photography
with a selection of props available, although you are welcomed to bring your own! 
It does not include any products. 


In third we have the Cake Smash Session! 
This is a messy but fun photo session ideal for childrens 
1st, 2nd or 3rd birthdays or even specials occasions such as Christmas or Christenings!  
Watch the wonder grow on your childs face through each photograph!

The sitting fee for a Cake Smash Session is £65
and covers you for up to two hours photography
a gender relevant cake (you can provide your own if desired)
a selection of props/background hangings
a digi collage made up of any purchased images. 
It does not include any products. 


Finally we have the brand spanking new package from 
Marie-Louise Hall Photography. 
A Baby Steps Collection, this is all three of the above mentioned, combined!
You make a saving of £40! 
You can choose whether to pay for all of your sessions in one go, or pay for each session as they come, (with the first two being the full price and the final being the difference).

The collection fee for Baby Steps is £180
and includes one Newborn Session,
one Child Portrait Session for when your child is 6 months
and one Cake Smash Session close to your little ones 1st Birthday
You also get £30 free product credit when you spend £30 or more on prints,
(this can also be put towards a print collection). 


Now we're moving on to the 'Bigger People' Sitting Fees. 
We'll start with the Portrait Session for One. 
This session will cover all of the photographs you may want when there is just one person in the frame! 
Whether it's a maternity shoot or a model portfolio! 

The sitting fee for Portrait Session for One is £50
and includes two hours photography.
Some props maybe available.
It does not include any products.


I've gone a little traditional with the naming of this one! 
A Couples Portrait Session 
Perfect for engagement shoots, sisterly love for the over 16s or mother/daughter sessions!

The sitting fee for a Couples Portrait Session is £60 
and includes two hours photography.
Some props maybe available.
It does not include any products. 


Finally in the 'Bigger People' section we have a the Family Portrait Session!
This is exactly what it says on the tin! 
Whether you're a new family or there are 'older' children in your home, 
this is a great session for you! 

The sitting fee for a Family Portrait Session is £75
and includes 2 hours photography. 
Some props maybe available. 
It does not include products.


I told you that I have new products in my previous post! 
Here is a list of the main/popular products however, 
if you are after something that isn't listed, there may still be a chance I can order it in!

Click the image to enlarge it!

I also told you about the "Add Ons" packages I will be offering!
Add them all together you'd get a combined saving of just under £250!
Take a look at the picture below or visit my website! 


The last of the prices are for the digital files! 
Again this information will be listed on my website for viewing as well! 

You could always take advantage of the spending limits!
If you spend between £150-200 on products you get 5 digital files for £80. 
Spend between £200-300 on products and you get 10 digital files 1/2 price.
Spend £300-500 on products and get £120 off of any digital file collection. 
As an extra not mentioned in the brochure spend £500 
on products and get up to 20 digital files free of charge! 

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