Saturday, 18 January 2014

Casting for a Family, maybe two or even three...

Aren't I a good blogger, how many posts have I created in January alone, eh? 

Well this time I need YOUR help!

I'm looking (casting) for a little family to photograph sometime in February! It will be an outdoor shoot at a discussed location somewhere local and in the East Midlands. The shoot will be to help add and update my portfolio. Family photographs are something I lack, natural light/outdoor photo sessions are even rarer for me but I want them in my portfolio!! 

There are so many photographs and photographers out there who inspire me and I loved to become as good as them! Here is an example by one of my favourite photographers (in the USA)! 

Rachel Vanoven Photography

I would love to experiment that little bit more, pressure off and free to do whatever - with input from my lovely client! How about it? Do you know someone who might be interested? 

There are a few requirements; it's only natural ;) 

- a little family consisting of Mum, Dad and children under 8! 
- if you only have one little one, I ask for them to be able to walk but five years old and under! 
- if you have more than one, as long as they can all walk and are under eight that's fine! 

- a cute outdoor location within the East Midlands, an exact location will depend on children/where you live
- a farm, field or local country park can work well
- if you know of some where feel free to recommend

- ideally sometime during February 2014, although may go in to March 2014
- again, ideally a week day afternoon although I understand this may not be possible with schooling (unless half-term), weekend are considered but limited

- you have a 100% free Family Portrait Session (saving the sitting fee of £75)
- you get £20 free product credit to spend in full or part payment towards any print or product
- all photographs taken can be used by Marie-Louise Hall Photography however we see suitable, no exceptions and includes online and printed usage. 

There are three shoots up for grabs, for each I would like three different number of children. i.e one child, two, three children. 

Here are a few more examples by Rachel Vanoven Photography of the type of images i'm aiming for (although not guaranteed) 

If you would like this opportunity please drop me an email (or facebook message) with the header "Casting for a Family". Send to and include 
your names, 
number of children and their ages, 
your location (or address)
any other relevant information you might think suitable. 

No one is guaranteed a photoshoot. If I have more than three families apply I will draw a family name from random, the same goes to number of children. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Marie-Louise xx