Sunday, 18 August 2013

Busy busy busy...

So over the past two months I've had lots going on photography wise, meaning lots to edit as well! (I'm not complaining, if anything i'd still like more to do!).

I've done a wide range of photo shoots starting from the end of June with a Christening, July was Wedding month and August has been product shots, 9 month olds, family photos, my first ever Cake Smash and soon to shoot another little newborn and it's only the 18th August!!

I'll give you a little sneak peek to some of the photos as i've not done a post for a while, only one of them (Christening) has been edited, the rest are unedited. I'll attempt to do a full post on some of them once i've handed the final images over! I'm still in the midst of editing some of them so can only show you one from each shoot.

It's only really a quick post as i've got to get back on to editing and uploading preview galleries! As well as backing up a few folders worth of photos!

Don't forget you can book in for shoots at any time, providing I have availability just send an email or get in touch by phone or text. See below for more details!

So i'll start of with what has to be one of my favourite event photos that i've taken for a while, this was at the Christening at the end of June. Children are always known for being innocent and angelic, what could top it off more than a young girl kneeling on a Pew in the Church facing the wrong way?

It was also the first time using my new 35mm lens! And I fell in love.. nothing more to say about it than that!

I've a few shoots I can't show you previews of but here is the beautiful bouquet from The last Wedding I photographed in July! You'd never guess that they were faux flowers would you?
The Brides mum was super talented for her Daughters big day, making the top cake (to go with the cupcakes the couple had bought) as well as the Brides and Bridesmaids flowers plus the pinholes and hair decorations!

The next image is a sneak peek of the 9 month old cutie! We took some studio shots at his grandmas house but he wanted to crawl (or in fact try and walk) around everywhere... so we let him! I turned of my lights and used the natural/available light in their living room and he gave us some of the cutest poses and some teeny little smiles! His mum had also dressed him in the cutest outfit for his photo shoot!

The final lot of previews have to be from my favourite type of shoot to date! I will do a more comprehensive blog post to it once i've finalised all of the photos and the little girls parents have received them! It was the Cake Smash! This is definitely something that I want to try and do more of, seeing the excitement on the little ones face is priceless. She was so delicate, picking the smaller pieces off of the cake first, not wanting to destroy it. It took a lot to get her to put her hands and get messy, in came mums handy item: a bag a sweets. We poured them over the cake and around the edges encouraging her to stick them in the cake or take them off. She got a little bored after a while, so with mums permission, I asked for her to stand in the cake. I don't think she believed what we were asking her, she just stood still staring at her mum in disbelief! It was a classic moment!

Here are two of my favourites from the shoot.

I've finally figured a suitable price for a Cake Smash see the ingredients below ;) 

Take my Inspire package and add on £15, with this you'll also get:
A gender suitable cake (please specify allergies)
2 extra digital files
1x low res collage with your 6 chosen images
1 medium print of collage with 6 chosen images

 To book a shoot email or call/text 07873762938, if you have access to Facebook you can also send a message that way!

Hope you've enjoyed my post for today! Can't wait to bring you more images!!
Marie-Louise x