Friday, 3 May 2013

Happy 5th Month of the Year...

Gosh, time sure has flown by already. It's starting to get warmer outside and the snow has finally disappeared (please don't shoot me if we get a flurry now!). I've been as busy as a bee sorting my accounts for last year and trying to become organised for the twenty-thirteen/fourteen year.

I've only had a couple of shoots so far, one being a wonderful wedding of a friend of mine, who looked absolutely stunning! I'm still busy editing away on the 400+ final photos, but thought i'd take a short break to reflect on the year so far.

I'm slowly starting to kick myself in to gear on the promotional side of my business. I mean if I ever want it to become a full time 'hobby', i'm not using job, as it makes it sound like a chore when it's not, I love what I do! I need to start advertising myself a little more. Ideally I'd like to revamp my whole portfolio, portraiture and fashion side. I'd like to make a bold/brave or possibly silly move but i'ma withhold that information from you for just a little longer.

I'm going to approach some shops/nurseries/doctors and see whether they will let me advertise my business. I'll make a few poster and take a couple of price lists/business cards too. I've got a batch of business cards, magnetic business cards, gift vouchers and car door magnets on their way to me. So I should hopefully be able to spread the love of Marie-Louise Hall Photography within the next couple of weeks.

I'll give you more of a picture update sometime after the bank holiday.. i'll leave you with a photo of the new Mrs Oakey and her husband!