Friday, 11 January 2013

Here's a little update...

So this blog started off as a way for my Uni lectures to see what I had been doing with my time over the course of the year. Who I'd been researching and what projects I had been partaking in. Now that i've graduated (well back in summer of 2012), I thought i'd try and give it a good go at keeping you guys updated with the things that I am doing, as well as showcasing my favourite historical and contemporary artists. 

I'll try to post a minimum of once monthly, but please forgive me in advance if I cannot stick to that! and for those of you who are new, i'm Marie-Louise, a photographer born and raised in Central England, UK. You will slowly find out more about me throughout the course of my blog but if you want instant updates visit my facebook page! 

My updates will commence shortly! Over and out x