Friday, 11 January 2013

Inspirational Wedding Photography...

So last year saw me enter in to the world of Wedding Photography! A nervous time for any photographer let alone for someone knew to the subject! I made sure I did plenty of research; considering poses, lighting techniques, props and the general bits and bobs for photo-shoots, batteries and memory cards!

I looked at a whole host of photographers who capture the smiles of newly weds! What better way to overcome nerves by psyching yourself up for what you could achieve, by viewing some of the most beautiful wedding portraits ever - NOT!

The invention and widespread craze of Pinterest was a big help then and still is. Finding stunning portraits and poses to try and achieve, as well as being able to point potential clients in the direction of my inspirations. I would recommended that everyone at leasts considers looking at the site once, forget all the nonsense that has been in the press recently, you will be amazed.

Sticking to the line of social media, I don't really know where I would be as a photography business without Facebook! I have booked the majority of my clients, so far, through the networking site as it is the easiest and best place to interact with everyone. Not only can I give instant updates to a wide range of people within seconds, I can find other people in the same situation as me, more on this bit later!

Facebook allows people like myself and other creatives (plus many more) to create your own page, where you can gather your own little following. It is an ideal source for artists and photographers to showcase their work to a new audience, which only a few years ago would have been hard. It is through this 'pages' system that I have managed to pick up on the quality of some of the photographers out there. I have been able to 'like' their page and have my newsfeed fill up with beautiful photos. For many of them I have gone on to read their blogs and keep updated that way, but what a wonderful way to source inspiration. Gone are the days where you visit the library for new artists and can only seem to find photographers up to the end of the 20th Century.

So you want to know who some of these incredible people are? Well they're coming up across the next few posts.
Please note that none of the images posted in the below section are mine, they belong to the photographer credited and should not be altered in anyway. I will link back to each website/blog/facebook where possible. 

Arden Prucha
Photo belongs to Arden Prucha

Photo belongs to I heart photos Studios - inspiration from glamour&grace
Photo belongs to Jordan Weiland - inspiration from glamour&grace

Photo belongs to Studio222 - inspiration from glamour&grace

Keep an eye out for more beautiful photography by those who inspire me as well as some of my own work, in my next post!