Thursday, 12 July 2012

An insight in to my first Wedding...

So i've been saying for a while that I shall do a blog update on photos from my first official wedding, as main photographer! It was such a beautiful day but what a shame about the weather, typical England and rain!

I'd happily accepted to take the photos, whilst being a guest too, but didn't expect the high levels of nerves i'd experience in the days leading up to the event! There were a few hiccups, with my flash (now replaced and working fine thanks to Jessops!) and also the rain, but I managed.

One thing that I shall try and make all Bride and Grooms-to-be aware of in the future, is that yes, you do want photos of yourself, but it will mean that you need to take a little bit of time out from your guests, they wont mind, it's your big day! :)

Well lets get on with it, i'm not the best at telling fascinating stories. Hopefully my photos will do it for me. - oh and a last little thing, is it just me - or do photos from days like this look far more sophisticated and professional in black and white?

If you were a guest at the event and would like to see more photos or purchase them, I shall be able to give you a personalised link to view preview sizes of the photos. You will need to message me and once it is set-up I can share the link with you. 

A side from the rain, not wanting us to be outdoors in the beautiful grounds (the wedding was at a castle like place in Saltburn-by-the-Sea) I still got plenty of wonderful photos, starting at 6am and finishing off at around 10pm. 

I've also updated my website, with a new logo and fresher look plus more photos!