Thursday, 30 June 2011

The First Christening...

So, I've finally found a little time to recuperate from all of my university work (I should be getting my results through soon, nervous!), as well as having a break from work. Therefore I thought I'd update you on a little photography adventure I took at the beginning of May, my first Christening.

I took a lot of precautions, such as researching lighting methods in churches and viewing many blogs whether they be for weddings or christenings, in order to gather photographic ideas. I also tried to pry as much details as possible from the family, such as what kind of photos they wanted and where.

I were extremely nervous on the day making sure I got to the venue when the guests started to arrive. Having only ever been to a Catholic Christening many years ago, I were kind of excited for the day especially because I knew the family and had previously photographed them when the baby was just six weeks old. Then like all of my other shoots, I slowly began to relax throughout the day becoming more at ease as I weaved among the guests.

The thing I were most disappointed by, was the fact I were not allowed to photograph the actual ceremony and only allowed to take photographs whilst the guests were singing, therefore having to improvise a lot at the end of the service.

I'll let the photographs tell the story...


I really do hope that the photographs have paid justice to the special day! (although these images are low quality). If anyone has any tips for future events I'd deeply appreciate them!

M. x