Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dazed and Confused - University project...

Just a quick post.

Firstly, I finally have my own personalised photography website up and running. I designed it myself as part of my uni project and am actually quite happy with it! Designing basic sites is something which I would quite like to venture in to, so if you need your own site designing/creating get in touch. My prices will be the best around and you will have almost 100% input.

find my site at:

Secondly, I thought that I would add a piece of my uni work which I am extremely proud of. It was for part of my computing project, where we had to create a working artefact. As I am interested in fashion photography but didn't want to do the simplicity that you see on covers of Vogue or HB I decided to recreate a Dazed and Confused cover.

Opinions are deeply appreciated.

Model: Lauren Owen,
MUA: Hayley Cooper:
Fashion Designer/Stylist: Meri Allen
Photography + Post: Marie-Louise Hall

No copyright infringement is intended by the use of Dazed and Confused logo or design.

Hope you like!  Don't forget to check out

M. x