Saturday, 9 April 2011

Recent work...

Okay, so I've not posted in a while, even though I said i'd try and post at least once a week... any how, I've been extremely busy. Not only with college/uni work but also with photo-shoots. Granted, i've spent the majority of my time building and editing my website (from scratch) as this is the piece of college work i'd like to get finished most soon, so I can have a personalised 'shiny' new website for people to view. I wouldn't mind going in to web-design, and when i've finished my last year (next year!) of the course may invest in a few help books and expand my skills. Other than this I have the usual, dissertation (although i'm lucky, as it's only 3,000 words instead of 5,000), negotiated computing work, exhibition images + sketchbook and portfolio. Which added together takes a lot of my time! Thankfully i've finished, or 99% finished my exhibition related images, minus the sketchbook work as well as my portfolio images, examples are coming up...

I've learnt that I stress way more than needed before a photo-shoot, I think this is because my confidence levels need to rise a little. I'm hoping that over the summer I'll be able to fit in as many shoots as possible; one to add towards the ever expanding portfolio I'm building and two to boost my confidence and help with my directing skills! However, half way through the shoot and especially once done, I begin to relax... seeing the shots on the LCD screen makes a smile creep across my face. I love seeing the images turn out how I want them, i'd love to get a polaroid camera, even if only a cheap one in order to be able to have an instant print. Luckily I've had the chance to shoot several times over the past two/three weeks and still have plenty more shoots coming up.

A few shots (not final edits) from the shoot which took place this week;

Models (top to bottom): Bethany Lissaman; Yasmina Walters; Gabrielle Bryan; Deanne Collins
MUA: Hayley Cooper 

A sneak preview at what style images are on offer at the photography and video, 'Decent Exposure' exhibition that my work is being viewed in (these will not be used, to see more you will have to visit the exhibition, for more details get in touch):


Models (L-R): Bethany Lissaman; Deanne Collins; Verity Heald.

I would like to say a big thank you to Pat Keeling Agency for being a great help with organising models for each shoot, as well as for all the girls being stars!  

Thoughts/comments are welcomed with open arms, hopefully there will be plenty more photos coming this way throughout the summer. Plus keep an eye out for the launch of my new website! 

Thanks for reading the blog, even if it's only one person, someone is seeing my work!

M. x