Friday, 11 February 2011

Just a little hello...

So i've not stuck to my word and I haven't updated in a while.

This is because I've been busy with a few photo-shoots, university work and creating my website. The latter is coming along beautifully, I will let you know the 'live' date soon. I hope to take part in a few more shoots before I release it officially.

I've got an interesting series of photographs I'd like to capture, circling around the theme of ballet and dancing - I already have two models interested, I'm looking for more of you lovely people to help me out.

As well as this, I am also finalising the photo-shoot for my exhibition images. If anybody is interested in helping out, let me know as there could be a role going for you.

Here's an image which I'm contemplating using in my portfolio, that is until I produce some more fashion/beauty based shoots. I decided I'd like to re-edit a few photos from this shoot:

Short post for today, hope you've enjoyed reading - those of you who do.

M. x