Friday, 14 January 2011

Woah! Happy New Year :)

So it's been a while since I wrote my last blog update. I think I'm going to try and aim to post once a week - minimum. Although, I'm pretty sure no one actually reads them...

Well if you do I'd firstly like to say, Happy 2011 - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :) - No doubt this year will also fly by like the past three have!

So what have I been up to? To be honest not a lot photo-shoot wise.
I've been so busy planning my next major one as it will be exhibited for two weeks in Leicester as part of my final year show for my Foundation Degree. We are on the verge of getting the venue booked, it's 99% going to be at The Pedestrian in Leicester, close to the beginning of June.The location looks professional, and is rather an expensive place for students to hire - therefore we are looking for any possible sponsorship/donations to go towards it - please drop me a message if you think you can help (you will be credited in all advertisements unless you wouldn't want to be). We will hopefully be holding a variety of different fund-raising events, including a 'photo-booth - drop in session'.
It will be heavily advertised across Facebook/Leicester College/Leicester - so you'll have to pop down if you're around.

The Pedestrian - Exhibition Venue

My final piece is on a much bigger scale than any shoot I have produced previously, I'm extremely excited for it whilst being extremely nervous at the same time. Why is this..?
Well so far i've only found one of my major props and it's not certain that I've got it yet - I'll be getting a photograph of it over the weekend to see if it is something that I definitely want, i've then got to go and pick it up.

I've drawn three of my ideas and intensely analysed them. I know where to get my clothing for them from and have a rough idea on what style hair/make-up I'd like. I've just got to find the correct style models and make-up artists to work with. (if you're interested message me with the heading: blog- interested: Along with a wad of cash to purchase all the little 'bits and bobs' props with.

Jan Dunning
I've recently been introduced to an amazing creative photographer whose work is inspiring my final project.
Jan Dunning. The creativity flows from her website, seriously.

Personal Update:

I'm definitely trying to take more of a fashion angle on my work, as close to the end of last year I were mainly producing family/friends portraiture. Do not get me wrong, I love it and interacting with new people of all ages - I just really want to try and get somewhere with my fashion. I really want to try and develop a style which I can consider my own.
I've emailed several modelling agencies, asking whether they have any new faces interested in testing with me - I've had a few positive replies; a downside to them: they need me to go down to London where they have a studio I could use. I really want to build up a strong modelling (photography) portfolio - I like the simple photographs, not polaroids, things like this:
Models both from Select Models;
NOT my photography - I do not take any
credit for these images, whatsoever.
and do not mean to breach any copyright laws.
I want to build up a generic fashion side - mainly to get me used to working with models and influencing the poses. Then I want to move on to creativity.

I only wanted to  post a short chapter, but i've given you almost a whole book to read! I'll keep you all updated on any upcoming shoots which i've taken part in. As well as my efforts of producing my own website.

With Love, 

M. x