Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Inspired: Tim Walker...

It's been an awfully long time since I wrote something, huh?

I've been pretty busy since getting back to uni. It beats sitting around doing nothing though.

Firstly I want to talk about one of my favourite fashion/fantasy photographers. I think his work is great, a lot can probably guess who I mean just by saying fantasy. Yes, he's Tim Walker.

I've known about him for a long time now, I don't know why i've only just had the sudden fascination with his work. I've been looking/reading through his book, Pictures, how i'd love to own a copy of my own. I don't quite have enough to splash out £40 for a photography book.

His work is so unique. I love how the book documents his thoughts. It has scans of his journals/sketchbooks which include the process of creating ideas, the original sketches of his ideas and contact sheets of his works.. It amazes me, I really would love to be able to do something like that myself, but as you may have noticed from this blog - I just can't stick at things. I am determined to do something which helps records my findings, ideas and actual images all in one place. 

Walkers work is having a big influence on me at the moment, and a lot of my ideas are inspired by him.  I will try my hardest to take my compact to future shoots and document the 'behind the scenes' footage, so you can see the hard work I put in and allow my blog to become more visually pleasing.

A few of my favourite image by the man himself:


I've got quite a few 'actual' photography projects to work towards now, compared to last year. My head is buzzing with great ideas. I've been emailing away to various people for locations, props and makeup/models. I don't want to spoil them though so i'll keep schtum for now.

I have recently done a collaborative shoot, along with three other photographers off of my course. We got the idea by looking at the work of Tim Walker (see above imgs). We were inspired by one image in particular, of the beautiful Lilly Cole.

Having all thought his work was intriguing we decided to try and produce something similar, although on a smaller scale. Firstly we wanted to have a spiral staircase, which proved difficult to find without having to travel miles... (i'll come back to this below)

Let me tell you what the project was exactly. We got a brief and the opportunity to photograph what ever we wanted, barr the simple shots. Our lecturer wanted us to use our imagination and get us to put aside our whining of 'it's too expensive, we can't get there, blah blah blah'. He wanted us to be able to produce our image on a budget of almost nothing (excusing petrol). This meant that we had to negotiate everything, dress, props, location, model, makeup artist, hair stylists. Which to start off with, you could say, we dreaded. Where/How/Who/What? In a time frame of 3 weeks.

Now back to what I started...We wanted to have a suitable location that didn't seem too plain and easily accessed (free for everyone to use whenever they liked) that has elegant stairs. We rang several places, National Trust sites, Stately homes, Wedding Venues, and got to one which we was just around the corner from us. The City Rooms. It has a beautiful staircase and beautiful wall paper too. We'd already organised the dress, which lucky for us went well with the decorations of the venue. However, on the Friday we rang the venue to see if we'd be able to shoot there, the slot we got were for the following Tuesday, which meant it were pretty short notice to arrange models, Make-up and hair. Thankfully a gorgeous friend of mine, Kelly Allard agreed to model for us and were free on the Tuesday as well as a local, talented Make-up Artist Charlotte Boddy.

Admittedly the shoot could have been organised, by us photographers, slightly better but I believe we've got some great shots from the images i've looked at so far.

Here is a preview of a potential final shot being edited - undecided as it's a group decision. Personally I love the photograph! (needs cropping slightly I know!) - these previews were taken with a small compact camera off of a computer screen.

Then a shot of the Makeup, gorgeous work by Charlotte Boddy, check out her site - she has some fab stuff on there!

I'd like to say a big thank you to;

The City Rooms - for letting us use the venue for our shoot.
Charlotte Boddy - for waking up early and doing the Makeup for the photographs.
Kelly Allard - for letting us tell her how to stand/sit/lean whilst being extremely careful not to dirt the dress.
Steph Waldron - for doing the hair, taking her lighting kit, organising the dress and helping to put the idea together as well as being one of the photographers.
Sarah Clarke - for driving all of us to the venue, helping to put together the idea, and also being a fellow 'tog on the day. 
Joel Marston - for having an extremely good 'old' camera and being a fellow 'tog on the day.

Oh, and i've a new profile on Facebook for all things photography/creative related, add it/check it out. 

Hope you enjoy reading/looking though. Your thoughts/comments are deeply appreciated :)

M. x