Friday, 5 November 2010

Collaboration update: University project - Behind the Scenes...

The Collaboration project - I'm happy but sad about it.

Unfortunately there are only a few decent shots, and I know there is that quote 'a poor tradesman always blames his tools', but I just couldn't get to grips with the camera. I borrowed Joels for the shoot, if I remember rightly it's a Canon 1D markI or something along those lines. It were just too heavy for me and I was not keen on the focusing at all. I much prefer my canon 450D it's a lot lighter and easier to handle.

I were hoping there to be more 'behind the scenes' shots but they are on another photographers camera. I'll try and get a copy of them and add them to this section at a later date. I just thought i'd let you see the small amount of space we had to get the shots! As well as the final outcomes :)

I know my blog writing is awful too, i'd love for my writing to be magical and appear like a 'real' story - but it's just not me. Maybe I can learn.

My favourite shots;

and the only behind the scenes image I have of Steph & Sarah;


Busy busy busy months ahead.

M. x