Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hectic schedule...


I apologise, i've not written in ages!
I've been quite busy.
Football seasons started. (some of you may know i'm an avid Leicester fan!)
I've been searching for a new job, emailing, dropping off CVs - as of now i've nothing back :(
Sorting my car out, insurance, MOT, tax.
Researching photographers.
Taking photos for college and as work.

So i'm going to update you on a job which I did last week.

After taking pre-prom photos for a friend of my mums twin daughters, she's kindly advertised me at her work place. From this i've gained a new customer. A beautiful mum of two twins, a boy and girl. She first contacted me before I went away to France in July, but i'd missed her call. I then tried ringing her back with knowledge about the shoot from her voicemail message to me. No such luck. As I was going away the next day I got my mums friend to pass a message on: asking her to fill out the form on the contact page of my website, following the steps which are on there.

She did this, and I found it so much easier to understand what she wanted, and to work out a cost for it all. However, I was still on Holiday when I got the message.

What I was needed for was to capture:

The family as a whole,
The twins, seperatley and together
Mum and one twin
Mum and the other
Mum and both
Dad and one twin
Dad and the other
Dad and both

I managed to reply saying i'd be able to do the tasks asked of me, and said i'd be able to sort out more once I got back off of my holiday.

Then end of the story is I asked Steph to help me out as the woman was interested in having studio lighting and I knew steph has a lighting kit. Steph did indoor shoots and I did natural lighting outdoor shoots.

I'm a bit miffed with my blog. I pressed 'undo' and it went so far back that it got rid of everything up to a certain point and wouldn't let me 're-do' it. Meaning i'd lost 20 mins of my writing. I may add to this, but i'd gone in to so much detail before that I just don't want to do it all again. grr.

Heres a preview of some of the photos I took, (I will eventually upload some to flickr and my website, but I need to let the family see them first):

Please respect my copy right :)
If you've any questions just ask!

M. x