Monday, 13 September 2010

Inspiration: Magazine...

or to be more precise; Photo Pro Magazine.

Ever read it?

I'd never seen it until I visited the shop opposite my hairdressers, located in Evington. It grabbed my attention straight away with the catchy portrait on the front cover. I'd noticed most photography magazines were more about landscapes and nature. With many promoting competitions, techniques as well as the best way to touch up photographs including the composition and product reviews.

This magazine however is more about getting you and your photography ready in business terms. It talks about how people have come up with certain photography projects, setting up a studio and how your marketing techniques have great impact on your client intake.

It's enlightened me to many different techniques in various different circumstances. and although I knew backing up your images from shoots is essential it was never something i'd done before. However the magazine has managed to persuade me to do this. You can get cheap CD-Rs from ASDA I got a pack of 25 for £3.50 but you can get packs of 100 for £10 or a 50 pack of DVD-Rs for £10. They're perfect for just backing up your data! Or for giving to models who've done TFCD*

I've not finished reading the magazine, i've not had much time to either, the bonus with it is it's not filled with a tonne of adverts like others. You definitely get your £4.25s worth. Check out their website. They also have a preview of the latest issue, it's simple to find once you're on their site.

I quite like blogging, my reflective writing isn't too good though, but I hope i'm not too boring for you. I'll update in a bit with some more photographers/inspiration of mine. I've decided i'd like to keep all my posts separate if I can!

Well, I hope you're all well!

M. x