Monday, 13 September 2010

Inspiration: I'm becoming...

... a little obsessed with Britain's Next Top Model as of late.

As you've probably noticed i'm not someone who is a style icon, at all. I'm useless when it actually comes to fashion and dressing myself. I think this is mainly down to the fact that I used to be a Tom Boy, no make up, no fashion sense and football. I've improved myself slightly since then though.
But I have been taking a liking to watching ANTM and BNTM, mainly because of the photoshoots. It's one of the sectors which i'm in to photographing, as well as general portraiture.

The photographs are normally so creative, and I love watching what i'd class as the behind the scenes footage of the shoot. Especially when they have guest photographers.

This brings me on to my actual post. I was watching the week before last BNTM and spotted an interesting photographer. Well, I tend to make a note of all the 'togs I see on it and do a little research in to them at a later date.

This is the image I saw, it was a simple beauty shoot for Revlon.
The photographer for this particular shoot was Hugh O'Malley.
Knowing he had taken this simple photograph, but more so the fact he was on the show, I thought i'd do a little investigating.

My finds bought me these beautiful images:

Something about these images caught my eye straight away. I'm unsure if it's the fact they remind me slightly of hallucinations and mysterious dreams or if it is simply the colours and bokeh used within each one.

I'm glad I came across this outstanding photographer who is originally from Ireland but is now living and owns a studio in Hackney London. I'm glad as I believe these images could have a great impact on my book project, should I stick with my current theme. (i'm contemplating using my second selection of photos).

I noticed that O'Malley has a broad style of photography. Yes, he does portraits, but he produces them in a beautiful array of styles. This is evident from the next batch of photos.

I don't actually know that much about Hugh O'Malley at the moment, other than what is on his website, blog, and flickr. Therefore I shall take the next step and email him. I'm always interested in peoples influences and what makes them tick. Should I manage to get in contact with him successfully, i'll update you. Or maybe i'll just save it for my sketchbook!

I told you I like to do my posts separately, now you see why, because each one is quite big!

Oh and I know i'm missing BNTM (9pm, LivingTV) i'm sky +ing it :)

again, hope you're all well and have had a lovely evening.

If you've anything you'd like to ask me, go ahead!

M. x

All images in this post are copyright of Hugh O'Malley. Please respect this!