Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Inspiration: Charlotte Boeyden...


I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful 21 year old lady.

Charlotte Boeyden.

I couldn't find anything about her on the internet, other than the beautiful work which she produces! So I thought, "don't dwell on this, do something about it" and emailed her. She replied instantly with what seemed like a enthusiastic friendly response. I asked if it's possible for me to use some of her photos for my sketchbook (I hope she doesn't mind me posting a few here), as well as asking her some questions to go along with them. She's wonderful and here's a bit about what she said:

Charlotte is a young photographer who grew up in Bruges, Belgium and claims to "have always been sensitive to images", however only became interested in photography over a year ago. Through studying interior architecture in Antwerp for three years, and now Design in Eindhoven- Netherlands, she came in contact with new and different things and took the time to investigate them all.

q)What is your main area of photography?

a)My main area... hmmm. That's hard to say. I like taking photos with emotions, with a certain atmosphere in them. I don't know in which area you could place that. I also have an interest in fashion photography but haven't really had the chance to fully explore that yet.

q)Who/what inspires you?

a)Everything inspires me! The people around me, the wind, the sun, nature, work of others (I like finding inspiration in other fields like art/design/fashion/graphism/...), of course other photographers, daydreams, movies, music,... really everything.

q)Do you have any tips for others?

a)My tip would be to just do whatever you feel like doing. Don't hesitate, don't think about what's right or wrong, just do whatever you feel. People sometimes tell me all of my photos are overexposed and some are badly focused, but I don't really care about that. I just want to communicate something and I do it the way my feeling tells me to.

Her work is an inspiration towards my book project, and towards my photography in general.

What I like most about the images Charlotte Boeyden captures is the dreamlike atmosphere she produces. Usually, you wouldn't understand a reply such as 'I like taking photos with emotions, with a certain atmosphere in them' - however this is evident in her images. Its an indescribable atmosphere. The colours and the expressions captured on each models face adds to this, whether technically taken or not her images are simply astounding.

I can't for the life of me think how I came across her stunning website, but to whatever route I took i'm thankful to it. You should check it out,


Hope you've enjoyed my post,

M. x

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