Thursday, 24 June 2010

A new experience...

 So I said i'd send another update the other day, but got too lazy and was enjoying the sun, watching the football and having my hair done. I'm loving this weather i'm hoping to do some work towards my book project later, at Swithland woods or Beacon hill, somewhere like that any way!

Well the second work experience job, which i've done since we've finished our first year was for Stephs dance competition.

It was an early start, getting to Bilborough College for around 8.30am on the 20th June. There were 4 of us taking photos, Steph, Sarah, Amy and myself. I was quite nervous to start with as i've never really worked with groups of people. The setup we had was pretty simple, with a backdrop that was made for us and sarah having her black one too. I got past my nerves pretty quick, which is unusual for me, and found it easy to light meter & set the camera up correctly for each shoot. The part which i was particularly happy with throughout the day was when i successfully managed to fit 11 dancers against the smallish backdrop (pictures will come of the setup, i've got to find my phones memory card holder before i can upload them) and the image turned out well. All in all the day went well, we made a fair bit of money too. It was rather stressful sorting out all the money/who wanted what picture but by working well together we sorted it. We left the venue at around 3-45pm with me and Steph going back to hers to order the photos, when i left at 8-30pm there was one batch left to order Steph informed me that she finished this at 9-30pm. We are just waiting for the photos to be delivered to us, so we can send them out to the dance schools. The experience was greater than i thought it would be and i am greatly appreciative of Steph for the opportunity. I enjoyed the day and would love to do something similar again!

I don't personally have any of the photos, Steph has them all on her Macbook, when i got a copy of them i'll upload some for you all to see!

M. x