Monday, 21 June 2010

First post for my university...


Well although we were told to use Mahara, I find it much more confusing compared to this, blogspot. I don't know why but I do, I also find it quite slow!

So instead of just not doing any reporting, I thought i'd create a blogspot. So i'll still be able to have my input throughout the summer, of what i've been able to find out or learn!

I hope this is okay with Paul, and the rest of you guys!

I've made my blog allow comments, you don't even have to have your own blogspot to be able to leave them. This will help with feedback, and if you wanted to find out anything further about what i've been up to or learnt... blah blah blah.

As well as this there is the option for me too email these blog posts. They give you a unique email address which you put in to your normal 'contacts' on hotmail or whatever you use. You then write out your email, attach any photos and send to that new contact, it should appear on the blog. So you don't even need to be on the blog site or anything, it's so much easier and more efficient!

So far since finishing our first year, which I still can't believe is over! I've completed two photography jobs and found some wonderful photos which has given me inspiration for my summer project! I've also purchased a new lens, 50mm f1.8, which i'm inlove with! Georgie in the year above gave me some tips on how to use it efficiently and they've really come in useful.

It was a job for my boyfriends football manager. He has recently had a little boy, (well his wife did, aha!) and they wanted some baby portraits taking of him. He's 8 weeks old and I spent around three hours at their house taking photos, in-between, feeds, the changing of nappies and the cleaning up of sick. I really enjoyed it, and it's definitely opened my eyes of taking photos of children. When they first asked me if i'd be interested in taking photos of the baby, I did research in to 'the photographing of newborns'. I did this for two reasons, one: i've never photographed children and wanted some tips on how to produce effective portraits without using lights. I found several websites which gave useful tips, but i didn't really follow them if i'm honest. I did the research before i got my new lens; the tips from georgie, it recommended me to have the highest ISO (1600) with the lowest aperture i could get which was around F4 with a normal 1/125 shutter speed. I thought that this worked well but due to the high iso the images appeared quite grainy. The tip that georgie gave me was to have my camera set to 'Av' and set the aperture down to f1.8 and the iso on 100 as the camera will work out the rest to give an evenly exposed image with not much grain/noise at all. This tip worked well for the photos and they turned out beautifully, some like most baby images benefit better from being in black and white or sepia.

The second reason I did research in to new born photography, is because I had no idea how to position the baby for a successful photoshoot, as you don't want him to look uncomfortable. I used flickr to find some examples and to show his mum to give her inspiration too. Knowing/seeing possible ways of how to pose him and any props was useful as it helped us both to relax too. The best prop was a big teddy which they had, as the images almost look comical with a cute touch.

I will eventually upload some images for you too see, but i've got to ask permission from the parents of the little boy before i post any.
Also they are waiting for the discs of images, as the first batch messed up, so i don't want to post any before they've seen them either.

By working for friends to produce photos in this genre for the first time has allowed me to gain more confidence and understand how baby portraiture works. If i'd have been doing work for a total stranger, I may have been more shy and have messed up a lot. I enjoy working for friends and family at the minute as it gives me a bit more freedom as they actually understand the situation i'm in, being a learner.

This job is one where we will be working together. I say this as i've been asked if I will take photos of the their little boy when he is 6 months. So i'll be working with him at benchmarks in his life, capturing the fun moments of the different stages he'll be going through. Therefore giving me more and more experience!

Well I was going to talk about Job 2 but i'll save that for tomorrow.
I may post more on inspiration later when i've some spare time.

Check out my links at the side of the page, flickr/facebook tend to have the most recent work as I still need to update my website. My tumblr is mainly for images of inspiration, rather than photographers and photography jobs, but feel free to check them out too!


Hope you're all having a good summer so far!